Welcome to the West Orlando Tea Party

Welcome to the internet home of The West Orlando Tea Party. If you believe, as we do, that the Federal Government is way too large and out of control and that the deficit spending is at unsustainable levels, then you are one of us. Join with us today to make your voice heard - for the sake of your freedoms and those of your innocent children and grandchildren, and for the future America that they will inherit.


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Join us and defend our children's future

 We are patriotic Independents, Democrats and Republicans, all united in the basic American principals and values on which our country has been built for over 200 years. Our goal is to make our voices heard and to hold our elected representatives accountable to us and to those values and principals expressed by our founding fathers in the United States Constitution. We are busy people like you. People who may not have the time to attend a lot of rallies or that may not have the money to donate, but have the desire to do what they can to protect the future of their children and grandchildren.

Millions of patriotic Americans have joined together over the last several years to make our voices heard.  Our country is in desperate need of change and it will only change if everyday Americans decide they have had enough.  We believe the tea party movement has had a profound effect of the direction of our country and it will be up to us to stop the progressive agenda from destroying America as we know it.


All views and opinions expressed on this website are just that-our views and opinions.  We do not offer any paid endorsements of any candidates, candidates committees, or political party.