WOTP Promises and Covenants

We The Participants in the West Orlando Tea Party, by virtue of our voluntary and independent association and assemblage; and, so as to present to all parties of interest those specific promises and covenants under which our formation, avocations and undertakings shall be conducted, do hereby state, affirm and accede to the following:


NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION ~ There is no profit motivation, commercial or personal financial advancement, or interests that will inure to the benefit of any of the founders, organizers, or participants in this not-for-profit organization. Costs incurred by this organization will be met by voluntary & pass-the-hat contributions or other voluntary financial assistance from those wishing to support us and our efforts; and for which, a full accounting will be made available upon request to our participants.


NO POLITICAL PARTY AFFILIATION ~ This organization is not a political party. We are not, nor have we, nor will we become a political party, nor will be ever be an appendage of, or directly affiliated with, or a component of a political party. Citizens of broad political leanings and various political parties (Independent, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, etc.) are all welcome to participate in our numbers and join in our activities.


VOLUNTARY PARTICIPATION ~ Any citizen wishing to participate in any of our meetings, gatherings, activities, outings, or events; or, who chooses to assist and support any of the needs of this organization (physically or electronically) does so voluntarily and of their own volition, as and when they choose to do so. Except for strict adherence to the code of conduct contained herein, there is no attendance requirement or involvement commitment required of anyone, at any time, for any purpose.


COMMON INTERESTS ~ The participants in this organization come together as Americans with common interests relative to a number of issues of importance to our country, our state and our local governance. Our organization's primary concerns and interests involve simple core issues: (1) protecting and defending the Constitution of The United States with the aspiration of advancing integrity, honesty, transparency and the rule of law in the actions of our government and our elected and/or appointed officials; (2) Insisting that our government and our elected officials only implement and pass and attempt to enforce and maintain laws and policies of fiscal responsibility, restraint and accountability in managing the affairs of our governance, by balancing the government's budget, discontinuing irresponsible and out of control spending of taxpayer money, lowering our taxes, and reducing and eventually eliminating our unsustainable and growing national debt; and, (3) Advocating the decrease and limiting the size of our Federal government and allowing the free market to prosper and grow to grow the economy, help create jobs and economic freedom for all Americans. 


STANDARDS OF CONDUCT ~ We welcome the participation of all concerned citizens to join in our assemblage, with the understanding that doing so comes with an expressed and implied accord by each and every participant to maintain only the highest standards of conduct in all of their actions, writings and speech while participating on behalf of, or in and around that assemblage. We reject, refute and dismiss fully, any racists or bigoted behavior or remarks, written or uttered, of any nature by anyone, at any time. We maintain an unwavering expectation of all of our participants to engage only in polite, responsible, restrained and appropriate behavior, whether by written expressions and/or speech as our assemblage strives successfully accomplishment of our collective goals. Though we advocate freedom of speech, protection of our liberties, questioning with boldness, holding elected and appointed officials accountable; and, challenging unlawful acts of our government and elected or appointed officials, or ill conceived or illegitimate or unconstitutional laws and policies, we denounce and condemn, without equivocation, the use by any of our participants, or anyone for that matter, of any hate speech, profanity and the utterance or writing of any ethnic or racial epithets, swearing or the use of any foul language or writings or any slanderous or libelous behavior whatsoever.  Any participants, outside infiltrators, or third parties finding their way into our assemblage who engage in any such behavior will be excused to find other organizations, venues or methods in which to express their unacceptable opinions outside of the West Orlando Tea Party assemblage, where such intolerable acts, utterances or writings are not, under any circumstances condoned. 


ABHORRENCE OF VIOLENCE ~ Further to the Standards of Conduct detailed above, it must be emphasized that the West Orlando Tea Party denounces, rejects and abhors any and all acts of violence and/or threats of violence (written or verbal).  We do not condone or support the imposition of will upon or the intimidation of public officials, citizens, protesters, political parties; nor do we agree with or support under any circumstance, the removal of public officials or the overthrow of government through any act of violence or the threat of any violence whatsoever to accomplish any end. We believe that any person who engages in any act of violence or any threat of violence should be held accountable to the full extent of the law and such persons are hereby denounced by us and not welcomed as a participant in or organization or in any of our assemblages under any circumstances.

INFORMATION RESOURCE REPOSITORY ~ One of the important purposes of our assemblage is to serve as an information resource and repository of fact regarding the issues of the day and the actions of those elected or appointed officials responsible for governing. Though our assemblage will involve participants with a broad spectrum of varying thought, opinion and position, on an equally broad spectrum of issues of the day, it is not our desire for the West Orlando Tea Party to advance such opinions or positions, without factual foundation, but more importantly to be a purveyor of information and fact from which our assemblage may draw their own conclusions and form their own opinions and positions through open discussion and interaction with the other participants in our assemblage. We therefore invite factual input and information from our participants so as to advance open dialog and seek viable solutions to the issues of the day and those anticipated in the future that will affect us all.