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Please read  RPOF Chairman's Op-Ed below...

West Orlando Tea Party Meeting

Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 - 7:00PM

Windermere Country Club
2710 Butler Bay Drive North, Windermere, FL 34786

Here is a link for directions to the location for this meeting:

Lenny Curry

Chairman of The Republican Party Of Florida

The vast majority of the members of the West Orlando Tea Party and members of Tea Party groups across America are registered Republicans.

Though there may be some differences of opinion within the Tea Party Movement about the strategy and tactics in working with our Republican allies in the elections ahead, one thing we do know is that there is no other organization, out side of our Movement, more dedicated to beating progressive left wing Democrats than the Republican Party.

In Florida, the top guy in the Republican Party Of Florida (RPOF) is its Chairman, Mr. Lenny Curry. 

In the 2014 elections, the efforts of the Tea Party Movement, the Republican Party and conservative groups of all description must unite against a common threat to our nation and our state - the election of progressive leftist Democrats. 

And, on Tuesday November 12th, we will be discussing, via SKYPE, directly with the Chairman of the RPOF, what we can expect to face in the 2014 elections as we all try to work to defeat the progressive left. 
(Read the OP-ED by Chairman Curry below)

You do not want to miss this meeting!

Please plan to attend and invite a friend,
a neighbor, a co-worker. a family member
or even your youngsters!

Want to know how RPOF Chairman Curry feels about the grassroots conservative Movement?  Read below...

Working Together for Change

By Lenny Curry
Chairman of the RPOF

America needs a healthy and vibrant Republican Party if our nation is to remain the brightly shining beacon of economic opportunity for all. But Republicans can neither win elections nor protect and restore prosperity without finding a way to unite a broad coalition of supporters.

That is why Republicans must embrace the principled passion and energy of conservative activists from all walks of life if we ever hope to have any success at the ballot box. Addition and multiplication is the path to victory, not subtraction or division. Republicans and conservative activists must work together to attract more supporters if we are to have any influence in America’s economic future.

Throughout history, all great leaders, all great movements, all great political victories have one common theme: they found a way to unite diverse groups of people in a common cause. Strong coalitions have resulted in victory throughout history, whether on the battlefield or at the ballot box.

Democrats know this. Year in and year out, Democrat leaders find a way to unite a mind-boggling variety of special interest groups, all with their own, often conflicting, political agendas. Yet they are woven together into a colorful tapestry of fierce political advocacy that mobilizes millions of people to vote for liberal candidates.

As Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, my job is to find a way to similarly unite conservative constituents into a powerful voting bloc, even as some in the media try to drive a wedge between Republicans and our natural allies, including the passionate and powerful tea party. All too often, irrelevant or insignificant political differences are portrayed in the media as a catastrophic fracture when all that is really required to find common ground is a little dialogue.

Through dialogue with a wide variety of conservative leaders, I have learned that the common cause of our time is an unwavering commitment to fiscal discipline and economic opportunity for all. And tea party activists are right to expect the leaders they support to live up to their promises.

The Republican Party, both here in Florida, and across the nation, must have fiscal conservative activists committed to the idea that each generation has the opportunity to build on the improving economic foundation provided by their predecessors.  All of us must make our voices heard through participation at town halls, supporting conservative candidates, and working together to achieve this common goal.

As Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, I am committed to building just such a coalition that is steadfastly committed to this cause, and I invite you to join me in the fight.

Op-ed written exclusively for BizPac Review by Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida Lenny Curry. February 2013

You do not want to miss this meeting!

Please plan to attend and invite a friend,
a neighbor, a co-worker. a family member
or even your youngsters!

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All of the West Orlando Tea Party monthly meetings take place at the Windermere Country Club in Windermere, Florida Click HERE for directions.


Please note we are NO LONGER meeting at the West Orange Country Club and Windermere Country Club is our new meeting place.